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Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

 Gnesin Russian Academy of Music

Russian Schubert Society

Alemdar Karamanov Center for Support and Development of Contemporary Art

XV International Competition for Musicians – Performers and Composers

“Romanticism: Its Origins and Beyond”

Dedicated to the Memory of Elena F. Gnesina

 June 20 – 30, 2024 Moscow


The Competition is a member of the Russian Association of Musical Competitions.

Information partners of the Competition: the Russian Association of Musical Competitions, the newspaper “Musical Review”.

Location: Gnesin Russian Academy of Music, Moscow, Povarskaya str., 30/36, metro Arbatskaya or Barrikadnaya


Attention! At the request of the participant, it is possible to replace the face-to-face performance with a video recording that meets the competitive requirements. Video recordings are reviewed and evaluated by the jury separately from face-to-face performances.

Applications for participation in the Competition are accepted until April 30, 2024 by e-mail: f_romant@mail.ru

In case of absentee pa rticipation, video recordings are sent either together with the submission of the application, or by June 05, 2024 by e-mail: f_romant@mail.ru 


1.Cultural and Educational Goals of the Competition 

 The goal of this competition is to broaden cultural connections and to improve cooperation between already established and young musicians from Moscow and other regions of Russia as well as from abroad.

  We facilitate the exchange between central and peripheral institutions of higher musical education.

  We strive to promote the intersections of classical and modern artistic styles and traditions.

  One of our main goals is to discover and support talented performers and composers from all regions of Russia and abroad.

  We facilitate communication and networking among representatives of different artistic professions.

  We encourage musicians to turn to the Romantic music of the past and to modern music influenced by Romanticism, discovering new interpretive approaches to Romantic art.

  We bring to the attention of our public the works of important twentieth and twenty-first centuries composers.

2. The Nominations of the Competition 


Section I.  Classical Music Performance


1.   Piano Solo

        Piano Ensemble

       Vocal Solo

1. Vocal Ensemble
2. Chamber Instrumental Ensemble
3. Art of the Accompaniment
4. Orchestra Instruments Solo:

          а) Strings

          b) Winds     


Section II. Composition and Composer-Performer


1. Composition
2. Composer-Performer

Section III. Musical Pedagogy


       1. Music Teacher

        2. Methodology Readings (a conference on methodology)


The Competition includes five age groups:

1. group: up to 9
2. group: from 10 to 13
3. group: from 14 to 18
4. group: from 19 to 28
5. groupfrom 29 to unlimited

The age group should correspond to the participant's age at the beginning of the Competition. In the nominations “Chamber Instrumental Ensemble”, “Piano Ensemble” and “Vocal Ensemble” age group is determined by the age of the oldest participant. 


3.Program requirements 

Auditions in all nominations are held in one stage.

Section I. Classical Music Performance (all nominations). The program must include three pieces and include works from different epochs, styles and genres:

1.One or several works by Baroque or Classical composers.

2.One or several works by Romantic composers (West European or Russian).

3.One or several works by 20th and 21st century composers (of any national origin).

In the nomination Piano Solo performers are not allowed to perform concertos.

In all nominations performers are allowed to perform several parts of cyclical works.

Participants in the nomination Chamber Instrumental Ensemble, Piano Ensemble, Voice Ensemble and the Art of the Accompaniment are allowed to use the score. In all other nominations musicians must perform by heart. 


Section II. Composition and Composer-Performer

Nomination Composition:

One or several works of participant's own composition in any genre. The scores in formats *.jpeg, *.jpg, *.tif, *.pdf and audio recordings in mp3 are to be sent via email along with the application. The duration of performance is determined by the age of the participant (see below). In this nomination only remote participation is possible.


Nomination Composer-Performer:

One or several works of participant's own composition performed by the composer himself (one may also perform in an ensemble). Participants may use the scores or play by heart. The scores should be sent via email together with the application. Participants must also bring their scores (printed on paper) along on the day of Registration and submit them at the Registration desk. The duration of performance depends on the participant’s age group (see below). 


Section III.  Musical Pedagogy:

Nomination Music Teacher:

One should conduct an open lesson with one's student on a topic chosen by the participant himself:

1. One or several works by Baroque or Classical composers.
2. One or several works by Romantic composers (West European or Russian).
3. One or several works by 20th and 21st century composers (from any country).

Nomination Methodology Readings:

A presentation on a topic relevant to current debates in musicology, musical pedagogy, psychology, or teaching methodology (chosen by the participant himself). One may present in Russian or English. Remote participation is possible. In case of remote participation the text of the presentation is sent along with the application materials. The text should not exceed 25 000 signs. The font: Times New Roman 14 (the title and the main body of the text) and Times New Roman 12 (notes). 


1. 4.     Duration of performance

Age groups:

group: up to 8 minutes.

group: 7-10 minutes.

3 group: 12-15 minutes. In the nominations “Vocal Solo” and “Vocal Ensemble” no longer than 10 minutes;

4 group: 15-20 minutes. In the nominations “Vocal Solo” and “Vocal Ensemble” no longer than 15 minutes.

5 group: 15-20 minutes. In the nominations “Vocal Solo” and “Vocal Ensemble” no longer than 15 minutes.

In the nomination “The Art of Accompaniment” the length of performance is determined by the age of the soloist whom the participant in this category accompanies.

In the section “Musical Pedagogy” only the musicians of the 4th and 5th age groups may take part.

Nomination Teacher of Music

The duration of the open lesson should not exceed 20 minutes.

Nomination Methodology Readings

The duration of the presentation (including musical illustrations) should not exceed 15 minutes.

If the participant performs longer than allowed, the jury may interrupt him or shorten the program.

5.Video recording demands (in case of distant participation)

The participants must send us a video recording of their performance, which conforms to the rules described above. The entire performance may be saved in a single file, or individual pieces may be saved in separate files, without montage or any other special effects, with high quality sound.

We accept video recordings made at concerts, at home or in a classroom. There should be no background noise.

The video must show the face and hands of the performer and his instrument. If this is an ensemble, all members should be seen in the video recording.

Video file or link to an online resource can be either included with the application (which is due on April 30) or sent separately, so that we receive it by June 10. Full name of the performer(s) and nomination should be included in the email.

Video recordings that do not conform to our requirements will not be considered.

Off-site (distant) participants should email their recording to f_romant@mail.ru

The email must include the name of the participant and the nomination. The link to the video should be valid until June 30, 2022.

1. Competition Results

The winners of the Competition in every nomination and age group are awarded the Certificates of the Laureate (I, II, III level) and Diploma-holder (I, II, III level) of the International Competition. Other participants receive the Certificates of Participant in the International Competition.

The names of the teachers and accompanists of the Laureates will be included in the Diplomas if their names are included in the application.

The decision of the Jury is final and cannot be appealed.

The announcement of the results, the awards ceremony and the concert of the winners will take place on the same day. Distant participants and those who for whatever reason do not receive their Diploma at the closing ceremony will receive their Diplomas by email. The laureates also get invited to take part in the concerts of the International Art Forum “Romanticism: Its Origins and Beyond”. The concerts will take place in The Gnesin Russian Academy of Music and other concert halls in Moscow.

1. 7.     Documents to be Submitted with the Application

To apply please fill out the Application Form available at the following link:…….

Please attach the documents mentioned in sections 2-7, the scores for the participants in the nominations “Composition” and “Composer-Performer.” Those who wish to participate in “Methodology Readings” should send the full texts of their presentations.

One may send us a complete dossier with all the required documents without filling out the Application Form. Please email all documents to f_roman@mail.ru

The documents that must be submitted to the Admissions Committee:

1) Filled out Application (it must be prepared in Word!). The name of the file should contain the participant's first and last names. For example: John Smith.


Nomination and AgeGroup


First and Last Name (in the Nomination Chamber Instrumental Ensemble the participants are listed in order and the instrument is mentioned in brackets).


The country and the city represented by the participant


Date of Birth (for example: 27.08.1980). Age(for example: 11)


Academic Affiliation


The name of the Teacher (including academic and honorary titles)


The program, including the duration of each work (in the nomination Methodology Readings participant must indicate the title of the presentation)



For Methodology Readings: please provide the topic of your presentation.

For Pedagogy presentation: please indicate the theme of your lesson



Address including zip code

Phone number and e-mail


The need for a collaborative musician


If you have collaborative musicians, please provide their names


Video recording link (video file or link can be submitted separately until June 10, 2024)



2) Photo (*.jpg). The name of the file must contain the participant's name. For example: John Smith.

3) A copy of a Birth Certificate or Passport.

4) A copy of a Diploma or a Certificate from the school or another academic institution.

5) A short creative biography (optional).

6) Recommendation written by a teacher, an academic institution or another organization (optional).

7) A copy of the receipt proving that the application fee has been paid.


Application Fee for solo performers, composers and participants in the section Musical Pedagogy is 6000 rubles / 100 USD / 90 Euros. The organization fee for an ensemble or choir is 4000 rubles 60 USD 50 Euros from each participant.


Application fee will not be returned.

The participants who applied to study in the 6th International Summer School (see below) the application fee for taking part in the Competition as a solo performer or as a participant in the Musical Pedagogy section is 4000 rubles / 70 USD / 60 Euros. Application feefor ensembles is 3000 rubles / 50 USD / 40 Euros from each participant.


Bank information for making payments:  

ООО «Центр поддержки и развития современного искусства им. А. Караманова»
ИНН 7710582934
КПП  502701001
Расчетный счет: 40702810438000370451 в ПАО Сбербанк

к/с 30101810400000000225

БИК 044525225

Payment order for: Application fee


 Application, documents and the copy of receipt / proof of payment should be emailed to f_romant@mail.ru by April 30, 2024.

All materials should be sent as attachments in one email message.  Please indicate participant’s last name, the initials, and the Competition Nomination as the subject of your email (for example: Smith, John. Piano Solo).


1. 8.     Clarifications

The Organizing Committee assists the participants with finding comfortable and moderately priced housing in Moscow. If you require help please contact us by phone  +7 985 193 24 82 or email  f_romant@mail.ru


The expenses should be covered by the organizations that support the participants or participants themselves (travel, accommodation, food).


The soloists can take part together with their collaborative musician or request a collaborative musician from the Organizing Committee.


The services of the collaborative musician should be paid by the participant or his sponsor. The fee for one rehearsal (45 minutes) is 1500 rubles. The fee for performance at the Competition including the acoustics rehearsal is 2 000 rubles.


If you would like to hire collaborative musician, please indicate this in your application. The payment can be processed during the Registration.


Exclusive rights to audio and video recording of the Competition, the Opening and the Final Concerts, as well as the concerts of the cycle “Romanticism: Its Origins and Beyond” belong to the Organizing Committee. 


The Organizing Committee has an exclusive right to use at will audio and video materials recorded at the Competition; the recordings received from participants; and the audio and video recordings of the Laureates’ performances at the “Romanticism: Its Origins and Beyond.”


By submitting their application, participants thereby accept all conditions of the Competition, including agreement to be recorded and published in the media, and provides the organizers with their personal information.



12. Organizing Committee


Tamara Rusanova, PhD in Musicology, Laureate of International Competitions, Professor of Piano Performance Emerita, The Gnesin Russian Academy of Music, President of the Russian Schubert Society, Artistic Director of the Alemdar Karamanov Center for Support and Development of Contemporary Art, Distinguished Fellow in the Arts of the Russian Federation.


Deputy Chair

Elena Klochkova, PhD in Musicology, Laureate of International Competitions, Associate Professor of Musicology, “Maimonid Academy” at the Russian State Alexei Kosygin University, Managing Director of the Alemdar Karamanov Center for Support and Development of Contemporary Art, Honorary Staff Member in Culture, the City of Moscow. 



Alexei VakerLaureate of all-Russia and International Competitions, Assistant Professor of Special Piano and Chamber Ensemble, The Gnesin Russian Academy of Music. 


Andrey GaponovLaureate of International Competitions, Director of the Elena Gnesina’sMemorial Museum-Apartment, Senior Teacher of History of Music, The Gnesin Russian Academy of Music.


Marina GorodetskaiaSecretary of the Russian Schubert Society.


Anastasia Pashkevich (Milovanova), Laureate of International CompetitionsTeacher and Accompanist of the Gnesin Music School. Deputy Director of the Alemdar Karamanov Center for Support and Development of Contemporary Art. 


Lina Steiner, PhD, Leading Research Associate, Associate Professor, International Center for Philosophy, Bonn University, Germany (consultant). 


Oleg Tarasenko, Stage Artist, Maria Ermolova Drama Theatre, Moscow. Media-artist of the Russian Schubert Society, the Alemdar Karamanov Center for Support and Development of Contemporary Art, Member of the Russian Union of Theatre Worker