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VIII  International competition

of performers and composers

 "Romanticism: its Origins and Beyond"

in memory of Elena Gnessina

(June 23 – June 30 , 2016, Moscow)

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Gnessins’ Russian Academy of Music
Russian Schubert Society
Alemdar Karamanov Center for the Promotion of Modern Art

VIII  International competition of performers and composers

 "Romanticism: its Origins and Beyond"
in memory of Elena Gnessina
(June 23 – June 30 , 2016, Moscow)

Objectives of the Competition:
Propaganda of Romantic music from the past and present. Fostering the interaction of classical tradition with new progressive tendencies in the performing arts. Mobilization of music’s aesthetic and cultivating potential for the benefit of our liberal education. Identifying major contemporary trends in the interpretation of music of Romanticism and the adjacent periods. Identifying and supporting talented musicians and composers. Establishment of new professional contacts between musicians working in different genres. Sharing and use of teaching experience in various genres of music.

Time and place:
The competition will be held from June 23 to June 30, 2016 in Moscow, at the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music.

Section I. Classical music performance

1. Piano - solo
2. Piano ensemble
3. Vocal - solo
4. Vocal ensemble
5. Chamber instruments ensemble
6. Accompanist
7. Solo orchestral instruments
          a) strings
          b) winds

Section II. Composition and composer performance

  1. Composition
  2. Composer-performer

Section III. Mastery of musical pedagogy


  1. Master class.
  2.  Presentation on teaching methods

Age categories:
The competition has four age categories in all nominations.
Category 1: 12 years and under (Sections I and II only);
Category 2: from 13 years to 17 years (Sections I and II only);
Category 3: from 18 years to 25 years;
Category 4: from 26 years and up

Program requirements:
Auditions are held in one round for all nominations.

Section I. Classical music performance (all nominations):
1. One or more works by composers of the Romantic era (West European or Russian).
2. One or more works by composers of the Baroque or Classicism.

Section II. I. Composers and composer-performers

One or several pieces of own composition in any genre. (Sheet music must be submitted by the contestant on the opening day of competition).   

Composer-soloist or composer in an ensemble:
Present one or several pieces of one’s own composition in any genre, own performance (Sheet music must be submitted by the contestant on the opening day of competition).

Section III. Musical pedagogy

Master class: with own (or other) student, as chosen by the contestant:

1. One or more works by composers of the Romantic era (Western European or Russian).
2. One or more works by composers of the Baroque or Classicism.

Presentation on teaching methods should be prepared with regard to the relevant questions of music pedagogy and methodology, as chosen by the contestant.

Duration of performance:
Category 1 (under 12 years old): 10-15 minutes (Vocals up to 10 minutes);
Category 2 (13 – 17 years): 15-25 minutes (Vocals up to 8-12 minutes);
Category 3 (18 – 25 years old): 20-30 minutes (Vocals 12-15 minutes)
Category 4 (26 years and older): 25-35 minutes (Vocals 12-20 minutes).

Master class:

Category 3: 20-30 minutes;

Category 4: 30-35 minutes.

Presentation on teaching methods:

Category 3: 15-20 minutes;

Category 4: 20-25 minutes.

Documents for participation in the competition:
a) An application must be submitted as a MS Word document in the following format:

Age category
Day, month and year of birth
Address and postcode
Contact phone number, e-mail
Place of work or study (position)
Information about the teacher
The need for an accompanist, or illustrator
The program to be performed at the competition
Accommodation request (number of people)

b) photo (in JPEG format)
c) A copy of a birth certificate or passport
d) A copy of the highest degree diploma or transcript
e) Short artistic autobiography
f) Recommendation from the teacher, school, or other arts organization (optional)
g) Please make a note on your application that you guarantee the payment of the non-refundable application fee

Application documents  should be sent in electronic form via e-mail to: f_romant@mail.ru
Application deadline: May 15, 2013
Telephone: + 7985193 24 82  from 10. 00. to 20. 00.

Application fees:
The fee for solo performers (including Mastery of music pedagogy contestants) is USD 100.

The fee for the ensemble is USD 70  for each participant. The fee is to be paid in cash on the day of registration. Please guarantee the payment of the fee on your application form. The fee is not refundable.
Application fee does not cover any expenses associated with the competition participants’ trip to Moscow (travel, accommodation, meals). The organizing committee is happy to assist in arranging the participants’ stay at a hotel in Moscow.

The Jury:
The international jury includes prominent musicians and professors of leading conservatories and musical academies from around the world. The winners will be identified through an impartial and objective judgment. The jury reserves the right to suspend performance in the event of an excessive violation of the time limits. The jury has the right not to award all the prizes or award certain prizes to be shared between several participants. The decision of an independent international jury cannot be appealed.

Results of the competition:
The winners in each category and age group will be awarded Winners’ Diplomas (I, II, III, IV place) and Honorable mention.
The winners will be awarded prizes.
Each participant receives a certificate of participation in the international competition.
The winners of the competition will take part in the gala concert of the competition.

Information about the competition:




e-mail: f_romant@mail.ru

Telephone: + 7 985 193 24 82   from 10.00 to 20. 00.

Artistic  director:

Tamara  Rusanova, Ph.D., Distinguished Fellow in the Arts of Russia, winner of International competitions, Professor of Piano performance, Gnessins Russian Academy of Music, President of the Russian Schubert Society,  Artistic Director of the Alemdar Karamanov  Center for the Promotion of Modern Art.

Director :
Elena  Klochkova, Ph.D., Honorary Worker of Culture of Moscow, associate professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Chair of the Department of Instrumental Performance, Dean of the Faculty of World Music Culture at the State Classical Maimonid Academy, Winner of International Competitions, General Director of the Alemdar Karamanov Center for the Promotion of Modern Art.


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